Data Warehousing

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Whether you are building a large data warehouse for your enterprise or a series of small data marts for your business, we can design the right database for you. It is a common misconception that to have successful data warehouse you need lots of expensive tools. While some tools can indeed provide value, they do not always provide clear ROI. A more valuable data mart can often be developed with nothing more than a good design and simple tools like Microsoft Access. Data Warehouse Consultants has the experience to meet with you and help you move towards a data warehouse solution that will provide optimal value within your budget.

ASP.NET Application Development

A well-built data warehouse can be accessed via many different types of applications. Many of our projects require custom-built web applications to serve the business requirements of the users. We therefore have developed significant experience creating ASP.NET web applications using the latest Microsoft technologies including .NET and AJAX. If you are looking for a firm to build your custom web application, we are experts in both application and database design no matter what type of database you want to use on the back-end.

Batch Process Improvement

In data warehousing we are constantly working with long, complicated ETL and batch process cycles. Over time we have established a number of best practices for implementing batch processes with stability and efficiency. If your nightly load is starting to run straight through the next day, please contact us to find out more about how we can help to get your batch process back under control. We specialize in finding technical and business process improvements to help your organization save time and meet your service level requirements. We can work on batch processes based in both Windows and Unix environments as well as both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

ETL Development And Implementation

If you already have a data warehouse, chances are you have some type of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process to move data from your source systems into your warehouse. There are many tools on the market that do this, and we have experience with most. Whether you are building Informatica mappings, Ascential jobs, or PL/SQL packages we can help you design and build an efficient structure for you ETL and help you put in place a quality delivery mechanism for you data warehouse.

Report Development And Implementation

If you own or plan to buy some of the leading BI tools, such as Cognos or Business Objects, Globus IT can leverage the power of these tools for immediate value. Globus IT is experienced in delivering reports and OLAP analysis capability to every level of an organization. Globus IT is also experienced in the setup, installation, and configuration of market leading business intelligence software.

Organizational Assessment

Is your organization ready for a business intelligence or data warehouse project? Or if this initiative is underway, does your project have the ability to succeed? These projects are large and expensive and require a certain degree of readiness and commitment to ensure their success. Globus IT can evaluate your organization to determine these requirements. Globus IT helps our client become successful from any point in the project life cycle by determining factors of risk within your organization.

Tool Assessment

Globus IT provides assessments and reviews for ETL and report writing tools. Organizations are often faced with difficult decisions on whether to build or buy BI/DW tools such as ETL software or OLAP programs. These tools are very expensive investments that unfortunately achieve long shelf lives before use. Globus IT will show you what is appropriate for your organization. Our experience in both large-scale enterprise data warehouses and small-scale niche data warehouses will help guide you through this process.

Data Model Review

Already have a data mart or data warehouse? Trying to figure out why it’s running slow or why you cannot get the right answer out of it? One of our consultants can review what you currently have in place and make suggestions for how to make it better. Top consulting firms routinely take their designs and conduct peer reviews to come up with the best solution. One of our consultants can fill this role for your company. Our philosophy is to take a collaborative approach to understand what you have done so far and make suggestions for improvements in the future. We will not criticize what has been done so far, but we will often challenge the status quo and challenge you to take the steps necessary to put an improved design in place for the benefit of your business and your data warehouse users.

Metadata Management

Globus IT is experienced in creation and configuration of metadata management tools. A single repository of business and technical definitions is critical for design, development, and implementation of any data warehouse. Metadata management is the first step in defining a single version of the truth, and the framework for building and scaling the data warehouse

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