Quality Assurance

Globus IT is your on-demand QA testing lab, designed to quickly validate your software or hardware project for deployment. We focus on providing low cost, fast-turnaround solutions for your quality assurance testing needs.

We have the tools, technology and expertise to quickly configure the QA Lab to meet your needs. Using the latest in automated configuration management tools, the lab can quickly be placed in any state of readiness required by your project. In addition we provide an On-line Portal giving you access to the entire testing process so that you can track the progress of your project.

At Globus IT we’re professional quality testers. We know not only what testing tools and methodologies to employ, but when to employ them. Years of experience have taught us the skills to understand your quality assurance needs and the ability to translate those needs into cost effective testing solutions in following area of Quality Assurance:

Functional Testing

Our functional testing services guarantee the quality and integrity of application features and functionality. We focus on validating business solutions, rather than just testing software. We combine functional testing best practices with flexible testing approaches to tailor an optimal test strategy for every project. Our functional testing services include:

 Check all the links.
 Test forms in all pages.
 Cookies testing.
 Validate your HTML/CSS.
 Database testing

So let Globus IT become your QA Lab. Use our fully equipped laboratory as your out-source resource. Let your developers focus on what they do best – creating new products and solutions for your customers, and let the professional testers at Globus IT meet your QA needs.

Usability Testing

We ensure that an application user-interface is effective and efficient for the context of use. We give our customers valuable insights that help them to make critical design changes and employ the right Usability Patterns.

 Test for navigation.
 Content checking.

Performance Testing

Web application should sustain to heavy load Our objective is to demonstrate that the applications meet the performance criteria and if not, work with the development team to look for architectural changes to optimize performance.

 Web Load Testing.
 Web Stress Testing.

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